Taksim, which means distribution or division, is the junction where all the water lines from the northern areas of Istanbul are gathered and then redistributed to the rest of the city. It is also the transportation centre where different routes meet up. Due to its geographical significance, Taksim Square is sometimes referred to as the heart of Istanbul. The streets of this hub are always buzzing with crowded markets, houseful entertainment centres, and fully occupied hotels. Therefore, finding an affordable hotel near this junction is no less than a challenge.

Many tourists manage to find hotels near Taksim Square that fall within their budget range, but since they haven’t inspected the facilities promised properly, they have to face disappointment. In order to help you avoid with such scams, taksimcenterhotel.com has brought you a comprehensive checklist of the things that you should ask or perform before booking any hotel near Taksim Square.

1. Search For The Hotel’s Exact Location

Taksim Square is a famous point, and hotels close to this junction are usually quite expensive. In order to raise room rates, many hotels claim to be located near Taksim Square, when in reality they are far away from this point. Since many people book hotels without paying any visit to it, they don’t get to see the exact location of the hotel. In save yourself from such scams, it is always recommended to either visit the hotel or check its accurate locate through an online map.

2. Go Through A Couple Of Review Sites

No hotel will speak ill about its own location and services. Therefore, checking the official website of the hotel is not the best way to get a closer insight of the quality of facilities provided there. Instead, taksimcenterhotel.com suggests to visit different review websites, where those who have stayed in these hotels provide their honest review about the place. Moreover, these sites also allow you to compare the changing rates of different hotels so that you can choose the most appropriate one for yourself.

3. Does The Hotel Provide Parking Facility?

Many people prefer to travel in their personal cars. Such trips are called road trips. For such tourists, it is highly recommended to check for the parking facility in the hotel. Also, many hotels provide free parking, while others charge. Prior to booking a room, taksimcenterhotel.com suggests to inquire whether they charge for the parking or not.  

4. Are You Given Free Access To The Internet?

Your trip is certainly incomplete if you don’t check-in into new locations or update pictures about your travel. All this is impossible if you don’t have quick and easy access to high speed internet. Hence, before finalizing hotels, check whether your chosen hotel is providing internet facility or not, and are they charging for it additionally or is it free.

For anything related to these facilities, you can call the hotel directly and ask about their services. It is a more reliable way to save yourself from tricks and scams. More of such tips can be found on taksimcenterhotel.com.  

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